Delight in the taste of the food of the gods. Our Cacao beans are meticulously handpicked from the finest trees to ensure the best quality and flavor. Every bean is treated with the utmost care, from fermenting, drying, cleaning, and sorting. Distinguished by its rich brown color together with a nutty, fruity aroma, our cacao beans are used to create the world’s most exquisite chocolate products.

Our products pass all microbiological parameters for food safety, complete with certifications from multiple regulatory bodies, with zero exposures to Ionizing Radiation, Nandrolone, or any of its precursors in any shape, way, or form.

Tropical Commodity Center takes pride in offering 100% organic-grown products with zero chemical fertilizers from cultivation to harvest. We make sure that every commodity is legally and ethically sourced through eco-friendly and sustainable means. Staying true to our brand, all of our supplies are flourished by the rich soils of Madagascar through the help of our trusted partners and local farms.

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