Black pepper

Turn the most ordinary ingredients into something more. As one of the earliest spices known to human civilization, Black Pepper has become a staple in most dishes and home recipes. Straight from our farms is the spicy fragrance with a slightly musty hint, accompanied by a hot, piney flavor that stimulates the throat. This black to gray-colored spice is a welcome seasoning from July to December.

  • Black Pepper Seeds – Ideal for adding a coarse, explosive texture. Presented in Propylene bags of 50 kg each, with a seasonal capacity of 100 MT. With a density of 500-550 g/L, it has a moisture content of less than 12%.
  • Black Pepper Powder – A convenient form for a light sprinkle or a pinch of seasoning to add a more consistent flavor. Housed in 10 kg carton boxes with a monthly capacity of more than 10 MT. Its moisture content is less than 12%.

Tropical Commodity Center takes pride in offering 100% organic-grown products with zero chemical fertilizers from cultivation to harvest. We make sure that every commodity is legally and ethically sourced through eco-friendly and sustainable means. Staying true to our brand, all of our supplies are flourished by the rich soils of Madagascar through the help of our trusted partners and local farms.

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