Vanilla Beans

Enjoy the sweet, floral taste of the tropical islands. Our Vanilla line exudes a scintillating fragrance that makes the most basic cuisine one of a kind. A favorite amongst the season of September to June, we serve a seasonal capacity of up to 100 MT. Here, we provide a wide range of classifications, each carefully selected to satisfy the chef’s needs. Certified freshness and high-quality served in bulk.

  • Vanilla Gourmet – Grade-A beans, characterized by their soft, fatty nature and black to dark brown color with zero splits. Typically 15 cm or more with the highest vanillin and moisture count of 1.8-2.4% and 30-30.7%, respectively.
  • Vanilla TK – Less flexible extraction-grade beans. Natural splits have a brown color with red traces, while Non-splits have a brown to dark brown hue. Measures 14-18 cm with 1.3-2.2% vanillin and around 24-30% moisture.
  • European Red Vanilla – Flexible counterparts of US-grown red beans that either have natural splits or not. Features a blend of brown, red, or yellow hues with 13-18 cm in size. It has 1.2-1.8% vanillin and 22-25% moisture content.
  • American Red Vanilla – Natural split and non-split that are drier than the EU versions. Just like EU red vanilla, it sports a blend of brown, red, or yellow hues with 13-18 cm in size. It only has 1.2-1.6% vanillin and 17-22% moisture content.
  • Vanilla Short – As the name implies, these are short vanilla beans with no splits or natural splits. Distinguishable by a dark brown or a reddish hue, 10-12 cm in size. It has 1-1.3% vanillin content with moisture content of less than 18%.
  • Vanilla Cuts – An excellent economic alternative for making vanilla extracts. It comes with a deep dark brown with a reddish tinge occasionally. These dry beans are less than 10 cm with 1-1.2% vanillin and less than 17% moisture.

Tropical Commodity Center takes pride in offering 100% organic-grown products with zero chemical fertilizers from cultivation to harvest. We make sure that every commodity is legally and ethically sourced through eco-friendly and sustainable means. Staying true to our brand, all of our supplies are flourished by the rich soils of Madagascar through the help of our trusted partners and local farms.

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