Nothing compares to a dash of cinnamon to flavor the morning. Our Cinnamon line is obtained from the inner bark of only the finest trees, preserving the sweet, warm fragrance and its rich, resinous taste. Its distinct combination of flavor and aroma also comes with a plethora of health benefits. Perfect for a wide variety of cuisines, traditional foods, snacks, beverages, and sweet and savory dishes.

We understand that cinnamon is an all-year seasoning. Whether you’re looking for ground or a stick, we’ve got you covered. We have a monthly capacity of 1 to 10 MT of cinnamon sticks, while we have 1 to 20 MT for cinnamon powder. Our product comes packed in a 10 kg carton box, delivered with a snap through our exceptional logistics system. Sit back and enjoy a taste of modern convenience.

Tropical Commodity Center takes pride in offering 100% organic-grown products with zero chemical fertilizers from cultivation to harvest. We make sure that every commodity is legally and ethically sourced through eco-friendly and sustainable means. Staying true to our brand, all of our supplies are flourished by the rich soils of Madagascar through the help of our trusted partners and local farms.

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